An interview with Jonathan Davis of Korn
September 25, 2022 by Jack in Interviews 0 Comments

Looking back on an interview we did with Jonathan Davis of Korn in 2005 for independent music magazine AltSounds.

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The Lowdown: Interview with Evan Dando of The Lemonheads
November 4, 2020 by riotwashere in Interviews 0 Comments

For a couple of years, I lived out in Los Angeles.  “Come on Feel The Lemonheads” was played on a constant rotation in my black 1991 Chevrolet Corvette as I drove around California. The Lemonheads were the band from my childhood that just nailed the Californian care free vibe and sound. Turns out my ears were deceiving me all along as The Lemonheads are actually from Boston, 3000+ miles from where I had always imagined their sound had originated from!  It didn’t matter though, California sparked my love for The Lemonheads all over again twenty plus years later. Running back through the vast AltSounds interview archives I found this gem from November 2006 with lead singer of The Lemonheads Evan Dando where he promises to make our writer a personal mix CD!  I wonder if she actually ever got it?! — Interview with Evan Dando of The Lemonheads by Lina Rahman, 8th November 2006. It is a strange feeling to realize you have just spoken to someone with whom you have loved (albeit, from afar) since the age of 14. It is even stranger to have them sing down the phone to you and offer to make you a mix […]

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The Lowdown: Interview with Kele Okereke of Bloc Party
April 2, 2018 by riotwashere in Interviews, Featured 0 Comments

As part of a continued look back into some of the AltSounds interview archives we stumbled upon this gem of an interview with Kele Okereke of Bloc Party about his solo EP “Candy Flip” that was conducted by the ever brilliant Greg Arthur back in 2014. Expect more from the archives this year as we start to showcase some of our favorite AltSounds interviews of yore. There’s no better form of inspiration than listening to others talk about their craft. If you have 5 minutes read more about the fascinating character that is Kele Okereke. — Hi Kele. Hello. We recently reviewed “Candy Flip” which was great, and we did “Heartbreaker” at the end of last year. I’m not particularly a House music fan, but I really enjoyed them. Thank you. I’m more of an indie/rock n roll fan, so firstly‚ why the change in style? I’ve almost seen three different Kele’s: the Bloc Party Kele, the producer/DJ that you’re doing now, and the kind of in between phase of both where you realized your previous solo records. Well, I guess I don’t really see it as changing my style, I just see it as a continuation of my style. I’m […]

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Yoko Ono: The Lowdown – Sit down interview with Yoko
January 10, 2018 by riotwashere in Interviews, Featured 0 Comments

Below is an interview we conducted at AltSounds in 2010 with Yoko Ono. Over the coming months, we will be posting some of our favorite pieces from the AltSounds days of yore for everyone’s enjoyment and so that they don’t get lost forever. This interview was conducted by @mitchunlimited and was initially published on January 10th 2010, seven years ago if you can believe that?! I also wrote the forward below all those years ago! Yoko Ono: The Lowdown Yoko Ono needs no introduction. She has been making music for 40+ years, is an artist, a political activist and most famously of all (for me anyway) she was the love of the late John Lennon’s life. Together the pair proved an unstoppable force, both making music together and in particular for their infamous efforts to promote World Peace. Her art, music, and activism was and is still WAY ahead of the crowd and the world would be a much better place today if people had just listened to what John and Yoko had to say way back when. In fact, the world could heed a lot by taking their advice even now. More recently Yoko, released a brand new album, […]

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