Song Of The Day: M83 – Do It, Try It
September 7, 2016 in Music

This is a perfectly odd song. It begins with a weird chant that keeps telling you to “Do It” and “Try It” over a very cool 90s sounding piano straight out of the Euro Dance era. After a brief verse the chorus drops perfectly and turns into some molly filled warehouse rave anthem before switching to a sweeney synth solo, that follows with the most fun and bounciest bass sound we have potentially ever heard! We honesty don’t know how M83 keeps creating such amazing movie inspired musical masterpieces. You can literally put their music under any edit and it will look better because of it! We also decided to embed the awesomely weird animated talking dog head version M83 has on his Youtube that was created by blør because, well, who doesn’t like a singing dog head in space?

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