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Fun Friday: Presidential Debate Recap
September 30, 2016 by riotwashere in Humor 0 Comments

Not sure how many of you guys watched the first Presidential debate, but we tuned in to watch what ended up being a very prepared, yet seemingly nervous Hillary Clinton battling with a very unprepared, loud and brash Donald Trump that used the verbal interruption, stating “wrong” over and over at Clinton in what seemed to be an attempt to distract people from the details Clinton was discussing. Since the debate we have seen numerous parodies and joke videos surrounding Donald Trump’s performance that night, a lot focusing on his constant sniffing throughout the entire debate. What we didn’t see however from the bunch was what stood out to us most after a few days of letting it digest, and that was Trump interrupting Clinton over and over and over again telling her she was “WRONG!”. As such we decided, as part of our #funfriday series to put together a Donald Trump parody video. The idea was to make a seamless loop, which is simply Trump stating “WRONG” and have it to the point that a viewer might get lost in it and find themselves watching it for a minute or two in the hope that something different might happen […]

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