Video of the Day: Ásgeir – Unbound
March 9, 2017 in Music, Featured

“Unbound” by Ásgeir has been doing the rounds at Riot HQ for quite a few weeks now – giving it enough staying power for us to want to share with the rest of the world.  A glitchy, mellow and futuristic sounding song with absolutely stunning falsetto vocals that simply melt in your mouth, “Unbound” is the perfect level of eclectic weirdness that we adore. The beautifully shot and unique video deals in an unknown virtual reality world, where the subjects are able to express their deepest and darkest desires, through a futuristic virtual reality lens.  Throughout the film we watch multiple storylines intertwine, hooking us in right from the beginning until the last note rings out. We’ve been following Ásgeir and his work for many years – it just keeps getting better and better.  We advise everyone that loves this go back and check out more of Ásgeir’s work as it is sure to cleanse your musical palette. Click play and enjoy the magic.

RIOT Freebie | HD Videos of Sirhowy River, in Blackwood, Wales, UK
February 17, 2017 in Freebies, HD, Video

We love creating content, and are usually out multiple times every week working on something new and awesome, capturing a plethora of content as we go. As such, we thought it might be cool to share some of this content, for free on our website as part of our creative agency journal so that other film makers can benefit from our work. I mean, c’mon now, who doesn’t love free stuff? Essentially we will provide downloadable content to anyone that wants it, that can be used royalty-free within their projects in exchange for two things. One, is to provide what is requested via the link gating software below – this is going to change depending on each individual asset but doing whatever action it asks below is the first step. Secondly, we ask that you please credit RIOT and link to both and also list our social handle @riotwashere. By downloading the content you are hereby agreeing to the above. This first installment showcases two clips of the lovely Sirhowy River in Blackwood, Wales, UK, and was filmed on 26th December, 2016. There is a medium shot and then a close-up shot also. When you follow the links you […]

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