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Song Of The Day: E1sbar – Televisual
September 3, 2016 in Music

E1sbar is completely new to us but, if “Televisual” is anything to go by, I have a feeling we’re going to be huge fans of everything they do. “Televisual” totally surprised us. When that first chorus hits around the 1 minute mark we were completely blown away and hooked, it’s probably one of the coolest transitory changes we’ve heard in a while, completely altering the vibe of the song, getting your whole body grooving instead of the verse’s “I’m in a dream” feel. E1sbar’s vocal tone is very dreamy and beautiful with the echo, reverb and delays playing off each other perfectly leading you into a trance and then with a weird synth sound you’re back into that groovy chorus and back in the moment. It’s a very cool journey and a must to listen to when you are creating something that needs a bit of a split personality vibe.

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