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Shaking Up Perspectives: The Power of Intent Creation
May 28, 2024 by riotwashere in Creation 0 Comments

In a world where innovation and unconventional thinking pave the way for breakthroughs, we were recently introduced to Oscar-nominated actor Terrence Howard’s theories on mathematics and particle physics which challenges us all to rethink the fundamental principles of our reality. At RIOT, we draw inspiration from such bold ideas and are constantly seeking a fresh perspective. This journal entry very briefly delves into Howard’s groundbreaking work and how our creative approach aligns with the transformative power of challenging conventional wisdom. Redefining Mathematics – Howard’s Theories Terrence Howard’s theories start with a revolutionary rethinking of basic arithmetic. By proposing that “One Times One Equals Two,” Howard challenges the established axioms of mathematics. This chapter delves deeply into Howard’s innovative ideas, exploring how his work with gravity-free particle physics simulations uncovers new ways to understand and manipulate the physical world. By examining vortex forces and harmonic resonance, Howard reveals intricate, coherent structures that defy traditional mathematical models, suggesting that altering our perception of mathematical truths can unlock unprecedented technological and scientific advancements. Redefining Arithmetic: The Theory Behind “One Times One Equals Two” Terrence Howard’s assertion that “One Times One Equals Two” fundamentally challenges long-held mathematical principles. Traditional mathematics dictates that one multiplied […]

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