Recommended TV: The Outsiders
September 14, 2016 by riotwashere in TV 0 Comments

At RIOT, we’re avid TV watchers. We absolutely adore the ability to watch full seasons in one go while we work. The major problem with that is you end up running out of new shows to watch really quickly. It was a pleasure then to get a text this morning recommending WGN America’s new drama series “The Outsiders” that’s currently streaming on Hulu. It’s akin to Game of Thrones or Vikings for it’s scruffy, burly, bearded men, but it’s set in the present, not the past or some mythical land. A similar modern day reference would be Sons of Anarchy, with The Outsiders sharing a cast member in Ryan Hurst who played Opie in SOA. He was was one of our favorite characters in that show who (#SpoilerAlert) ended up sacrificing his life for Sam Crow in an emotional, stomach churning prison battle. The Farrell clan, (which sounds a lot like Feral, which we thought was their name until we looked it up) live in the Kentucky hills and are outcasts to the rest of the town. They have their own leadership, rules and they despise money. The basic storyline of series one revolves around the local coal company trying their hardest to […]

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