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Unrealized Visions: “Beckham’s Call” – Our Ad Concept for the LA Galaxy 2024 MLS Season Opener

Unrealized Visions: “Beckham’s Call” – Our Ad Concept for the LA Galaxy 2024 MLS Season Opener

Unrealized Visions: “Beckham’s Call” – The Ad Concept for the 2024 MLS Season Opener

In the world of advertising, some of the most creative and compelling ideas never see the light of day. One such concept was our ambitious ad for the 2024 MLS season opener between LA Galaxy and Inter Miami. Titled “Beckham’s Call,” this ad was meant to be a cinematic masterpiece that would captivate soccer fans and highlight the intense rivalry with a unique twist. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, this idea remained on the cutting room floor. Until now!

The Script: A Journey Through Time

The ad opens in a sleek, modern office with a view overlooking Miami. The camera zooms in on David Beckham, now a co-owner of Inter Miami, deeply engrossed in his work. The voiceover, provided by a recognizable narrator, sets the stage: “Some calls can change history.” Beckham picks up his smartphone, which glitches to reveal an app called ‘TimeCall’. Intrigued, he taps it and scrolls through a contact list featuring legendary soccer names like Pelé and Maradona. He finally stops at ‘Beckham, 2012’ and hits call. The scene transitions to the bustling LA Galaxy locker room in 2012. The younger Beckham, preparing for a cup final, is puzzled when he sees his own name on the caller ID. The ensuing conversation between his past and future selves reveals a stunning twist: Messi playing for Inter Miami.

David Beckham in modern penthouse office, talking on smartphone, looking surprised

A highly photo-realistic and cinematic image of David Beckham in a sleek, modern penthouse office with a view overlooking Miami. Beckham is sitting at his desk, talking on his smartphone, and looking surprised.

The script skillfully intertwines nostalgia with future excitement. It captures the essence of Beckham’s journey from an LA Galaxy star to a pivotal figure in Inter Miami’s rise. The montage of Messi dazzling in Inter Miami colors, the roaring crowds, and the spectacular goals would have been a visual treat. The ad’s climax teases the 2024 season opener, with Beckham questioning where his loyalties lie – with his former team, LA Galaxy, or his new venture, Inter Miami. The intense slow-motion montage of the current LA Galaxy roster and glimpses of Dignity Health Sports Park add to the anticipation.

The ad ends with Beckham breaking the fourth wall, smirking at the camera, and the graphic “LA Galaxy vs. Inter Miami 2024. The Beckham Showdown. Tickets On Sale Now.”

Why It Didn’t Happen

Despite our excitement and meticulous planning, various logistical and scheduling challenges prevented us from bringing this concept to life. Securing David Beckham for a project of this scale proved to be particularly challenging. Coordinating schedules, obtaining permissions, and executing the high-level production required were hurdles that, combined, proved insurmountable in the given timeframe.

A Tribute to Creativity

Though “Beckham’s Call” never aired, it stands as a testament to the boundless creativity and passion that drive us. This concept, with its blend of nostalgia, innovation, and star power, epitomizes what we strive to achieve in our campaigns. We hope that by sharing this story, we can give our audience a glimpse into the creative process and the dedication behind every idea, whether it reaches the screen or not. As we continue to craft compelling narratives for our audience, we remain inspired by the possibilities that lie ahead. The spirit of “Beckham’s Call” will undoubtedly influence our future projects, reminding us that even the unrealized visions are a crucial part of our creative journey.


The Script: “Beckham’s Call”

[Opening shot: A sleek, modern office. The walls are adorned with framed jerseys and accomplishments, and a floor-to-ceiling window overlooks Miami. We zoom into the desk where current-day David Beckham is engrossed, working on his computer. He’s surrounded by Inter Miami paraphernalia.]

Narrator (V.O) [Recognizable Voice]: “Some calls can change history.”

[David picks up his smartphone. It glitches, revealing an app icon pulsating in the center of the screen — ‘TimeCall’. Curious, David taps it. A contact list pops up: ‘Pelé, 1970’, ‘Maradona, 1986’… David grins as he scrolls through more soccer legends. He stops at ‘Beckham, 2012’.]

Narrator (V.O): “What if… you discovered a way to call your past self?”

[David hits ‘call’. We hear a familiar ringtone. Transition to 2012: The LA Galaxy locker room is alive with the spirit of a cup final. Sounds of players preparing, the lockers either side of David represent the players that played at that moment in time. David Beckham is adjusting his captain’s armband. Beside him, the early-2010s phone buzzes with a call. It rings, grabbing his attention. The name displayed on the caller ID says “David Beckham”.]

Young Beckham (picking up confused): “Hello?”

Current Beckham (smiling): “David? Listen to me. This is heavy. I’m you… from the future.”

Young Beckham (laughs): “Whoa, whoa, slow down. You’re telling me you’re me… from the future?”

Current Beckham (grinning): “Exactly. I don’t know how much time we have so listen… Today you will win another MLS title with LA Galaxy. Fast forward to the future and you co-own a new MLS team named Inter Miami, and we’ve just snagged the GOAT to play for us…”

[Young Beckham’s eyes widen.]

Young Beckham (astonished and interrupting): “Messi? Messi… plays for us, in Miami? [we bleep out a series of swear words]

[Cut to a montage: Messi dazzling in Inter Miami colors, roaring crowds, stunning goals.]

Young Beckham (in awe): “The future sounds crazy.”

Current Beckham: “We shook the MLS foundations when we joined LA Galaxy. Now, with Messi at Miami, we’ve done it again. Our return to LA Galaxy for their 2024 season opener against Miami leaves one question… Where do we stand? Old loyalties or new horizons?

[Cut to an intense slow-mo montage of the current LA Galaxy roster, with glimpses of Dignity Health Sports Park and roaring fans.]

Narrator (V.O): “Beckham’s back. Same star, different constellation.”

[Cut back to the current Beckham who breaks the fourth wall and looks down the lens of the camera smirking.]

Current Beckham: “Be ready.”

[End with a flashy graphic: ‘LA Galaxy vs. Inter Miami. 2024. The Beckham Showdown. Tickets On Sale Now’.]

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