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LifeHack: Apple Pay
September 24, 2016 in Tips, Tricks & Hacks

We only just started getting into Apple Pay since the release of the new iPhone OS 10. It prompted us to turn it on when we upgraded and made it really easy to do so. Also we were in the mood with trying a new payment method because the advent of the chip & PIN in New York has been annoying to say the least. Do I swipe? Do I put my card in? Why does the Chip & PIN process take so long anyways? All of these questions are very apparent and this terrible roll out of new technology blubber by the credit card companies has paved the way for Apple Pay to take over for all iPhone owners. What’s best of all is the process for payment, thanks to the fingerprint technology in the home button makes payment not only easy as can be, but the approval process is instant. After using it just once, we shifted our thought process on the way we pay for things moving forward because, as weird as it sounds we think a significant amount of time could be saved using it. So what’s the process? It’s simple as can be. When the […]

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