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Song Of The Day: Kele feat. Yasmin – First Impressions
September 2, 2016 in Music

Everyone already knows Kele Okereke. He is the front man from the very rad and successful British indie band Bloc Party. Now “indie band” doesn’t really do Bloc Party justice but it easily allows the people that like putting things in boxes know roughly where they stand if you haven’t heard of them already. If you haven’t, where have you been hiding? Under a rock? LOLZ. Kele’s been releasing solo work since 2010 and it showcases a completely different side to his personality, being more dance based with no guitars in sight. It’s a refreshing change for his fans we’ve been huge fans since his first release “The Boxer.” His sound has grown since then though and “First Impressions,” taken of his latest album “Trick” shows a very mature and calculated version of Kele, with the smooth backing track sounds, nods to 2000’s British Garage like The Artful Dodger and the perfect use of male and female vocals both together and as individual entities – one of our favorite moments in the song is when Yasmin first comes in on her own and offers her side of the story the song is telling. If you have a repetitious task to […]

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