Sunglass Hut | Start With The Shades: Round Trend

April 3, 2015
Sunglass Hut | Start With The Shades: Round Trend

Our second creation for Sunglass Hut (in partnership with our friends at RXM Creative) is a continuation of their “Start With The Shades” video series. This video specifically focuses on their current “Round Trend.” Playing off of this round inspiration the film utilizes various ways of highlighting the circular, round trend through movement, shapes and motion. Featuring the beautiful upcoming social influencer, model, daughter of legendary actor Stephen Baldwin (“The Usual Suspects” anyone?!) and reported romantic interest of Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin. With swagger, style and endless cool, Hailey seamlessly journey’s through the video from round trend, to round trend, to round trend.

This is exactly the type of work we like to create, with cool visuals, rad music, great styling, beautiful fashion and accessories and a gorgeous model putting the icing on the cake. Add in to that already fine mix the RIOT stamp and you have a social campaign film that is 2 parts cool, 3 parts awesome, 4 parts technical and 1 part zany!

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