Sunglass Hut: Halloween 2015 Social Creations

October 31, 2015
Sunglass Hut: Halloween 2015 Social Creations

This Halloween was full of spooky inspiration for us.  From doing all of Coach’s Halloween social imagery, through being tasked with doing some cool VFX work for Sunglass Hut via our friends at RXM Creative.  RXM Creative approached us with the idea of doing some quirky social films for Sunglass Hut that were a hat-tip to “The Thing” from Addams Family.

What we loved about “The Thing” over the whole course of its lifetime (and all the many iterations that have existed) was that it was always pulled off quite purposefully poorly, in a way that in turn makes it better because of it – this was an artistic move we wanted to ensure we kept in our versions.  Both scenes were filmed in one day, in the conference room on the fifth floor of The Yard multi office space in Flatiron.  With one light, a green cloth, green cuffs and a bunch of After Effects rotoscoping work we were able to create two cool, yet simple videos of our version of “The Thing,” wandering in and stealing a pair of sunglasses!

The result are two quirky, looping films that were output as both videos and animated GIFs allowing them to be used by Sunglass Hut everywhere and anywhere!  Above is our favorite one looping in landscape but you can also see the alternate version and both GIF’s below too.

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