Michael Kors: All Access Kors 2014 Teaser Film

January 23, 2014
Michael Kors: All Access Kors 2014 Teaser Film

Michael Kors approached our creative agency to make a teaser film that could be released the week prior to the 2014 Michael Kors New York Fashion Week runway show. Utilizing footage from last year’s New York Fashion Week runway show, we had to offer excitement and anticipation without really focusing on the clothing.

We used clever cuts, mixed with lens distortions to obscure portions of the screens if and when needed but in an elegant, stylized way. On top of that we created a motion graphics rendering of the invitation so that we could showcase it within the film, helping it to align with other associated imagery.

We also worked on another titling, keeping the same look, feel, and color scheme as the other assets associated with the campaign.

The result is a fun, upbeat look into the Michael Kors fashion show, offering excitement for everyone that plans to attend or watch online.

Michael Kors | All Access 2014 Teaser Film

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