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Red Bull Kumite: Times Square Live Stream OOH Screen Graphics

Back in March, we took on a pretty intense project for the 2024 Red Bull Kumite, right in the heart of Times Square. Our job? Design and create the graphics for the event, making sure the games looked amazing on a massive 8K corner screen in New York City. We crafted the fullscreen visual experience, with graphics seamlessly laid over live camera feeds, resulting in a high-end and visually stunning display. Red Bull Kumite is one of the must-watch tournaments on the Street Fighter and Fighting Game Community calendar, featuring 16 of the world's top Street Fighter players battling for the title of Red Bull Kumite Champion. The atmosphere was electric, with onlookers and participants alike immersed in the intense action and breathtaking visuals. The event was streamed live on Red Bull Gaming's Twitch and YouTube channels, giving a global audience of hundreds of thousands a front-row seat. Plus, the 360,000 people who pass through Times Square each day got to experience the excitement. The vibrant graphics and the thrill of playing on such a grand stage made the event unforgettable. One attendee even said, "The energy in Times Square was palpable, and the graphics on the big screen were […]

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Nutrafol: Youtube & OTT Hair Wellness Campaign

Nutrafol Wellness Campaign: For WomenLife ChangesChronicling personal and professional transitions, from life's joys to its challenges, we explored their profound impact on hair wellness.Lifestyle TriggersA delicately weaved tale of everyday habits that inadvertently shape hair health, highlighting the importance of awareness and proactive care.Thinning StatVenturing into the reality where over half of women grapple with thinning hair, we presented both the challenges and the healing pathways.Nutrafol Wellness Campaign: For MenGeneticsA thoughtful reflection on genetics and their enduring influence on hair's vitality and resilience.Thinning StatA stark presentation, focusing on the unsettling fact that over 80% of men face hair thinning, urging introspection and proactive measures.Sexual PerformanceEngaging in an earnest dialogue, this narrative unveiled the intersections between hair supplements and the concerns of male vigor.Nutrafol Wellness Campaign: For BothMelding the stories of both genders, we crafted additional films that celebrated universality. Highlighting concerns and solutions shared by all, Nutrafol's diverse product range became the harmonizing chord.Lifestyle TriggersLife ChangesThinning StatNutrafol Wellness Campaign: Over The Top (OTT) VersionsWomen: Life Changes OTTMen: Sexual Performance OTTFor Both: Lifestyle Triggers OTT

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Coach: Introducing Coachtopia

For more than a decade we've been getting creative with Coach on a wide variety of campaigns and visuals, helping to further cement them as one of the leading fashion brands around the world. We're proud to share our latest collaboration with Coach, bringing them one step closer to our hearts - this time we helped Coach with the creation of a new sub brand visual identity that is focused on sustainability, Coachtopia.

Enter, Coachtopia

It's been a long time coming and we're so excited to share all the creative work we've put into Coach's new sustainability-focused brand, Coachtopia - just in time for this year's Earth Day too! We're extremely proud to showcase the wide range of creative collaborations we have worked on for Coachtopia, a brand that is putting circular fashion first through the use of pioneering production, technology and lifecycle concepts. And the coolest part? Coachtopia is all centered around a collective of Gen Z designers, influencers and activists that are all working together to make positive impact in the world. [caption id="attachment_4336" align="aligncenter" width="1459"]Introducing: Coachtopia Photo by: Adrian Nina of the Coachtopia Ergo bag that has sold out twice in the first week of the brand's existence![/caption] If you're fans of our work, you may have already seen the Coach (Re)Loved ReMade advertising campaign that was focused on sustainability, where old materials were used to make new products. With the (Re)Loved ReMade campaign we created two heartwarming stop motion films for the Coach Remade Rexy Puzzle and the Coach Remade Bear. Today, we're excited to finally be able to share all of our Coachtopia creations that have helped shaped the brand creative and visual identity - including a variety of BTS vignettes and glimpses into the making of their super cool campaign film.

What is Coachtopia?

Coachtopia is a new sustainable fashion brand that was pioneered by global fashion powerhouse house Coach. Coachtopia is pioneering a circular future for Gen Z designers, thinkers, makers, and consumers. The brand's goal was to completely rethink the way we use waste and to find better ways to up-cycle, recycle, and transform fashion items after they have been purchased / used.
  The Coachtopia community (or neighborhood as one of the community members stated in our interview with them) is made up of passionate, creative people that love the world they live on. This neighborhood is collaborating directly with Coach to disrupt the fashion world forever. Focusing solely on what the Gen-Z demographic wants, Coachtopia gives our younger generation a platform for their creative voices, allowing everyone involved to contribute to a sustainable future on planet earth. The fashion that is created however is for everyone and there are pieces that will appeal to all generations - key earring anyone?

What is Circular Fashion?

Circular fashion is an innovative approach to fashion that creates a closed-loop system, where materials and products are continuously re-used, recycled, or up-cycled, minimizing waste and reducing the industry's environmental impact.
Unlike the traditional, linear, fast fashion model where clothes are produced, consumed, and then discarded, circular fashion products are designed to have multiple lives. Circular fashion places high importance on the way products are designed, produced and used in ways that ensure to preserve the products lifecycle for as long as possible.

The Beta Community

Our very first work for Coachtopia was early in 2022 when we were asked to come in to Coach HQ to shoot some Q&A sessions with some Gen Z consumers. At that time I don't think the full idea of Coachtopia had been formed but the importance of these sessions helped to shape the very early moments of the Coachtopia brand. Fast forward to the summer of 2022 and we were asked to create a sizzle reel that would serve as an introductory internal hype video to help welcome and teach new community members about Coachtopia and this new fashion approach.
  This introduction to the new brand was super exciting to work on and gave us the energy needed to play the long game and hype ourselves up for the next months of continued collaboration in the background. A majority of our creative endeavors for Coachtopia came in the form of hand-drawn animations which take a lot of time, patience and effort to make.

Behind The Scenes of the Coachtopia Campaign

  Further along in the journey of Coachtopia we enjoyed a fast-paced and chaotic run-and-gun behind-the-scenes shoot with some key Coachtopia community members. Our BTS work consisted of a full day shoot, pulling people aside and capturing as much BTS footage and interviews as we could. [caption id="attachment_4337" align="aligncenter" width="2048"]Coachtopia: BTS of the BTS Photo by: Adrian Nina of us shooting an interview with "The Summer I Turned Pretty" star Lola Tung[/caption] The final deliverables were a mixture of short interview clips, talent vignettes, photos and playful footage showcased in a variety of formats. With our small, two unit team we captured everything we needed to in one day and have been edited everything together at our studios for the past month. [caption id="attachment_4338" align="aligncenter" width="1366"]Introducing the Coachtopia Ergo bag Photo by: Adrian Nina of the Coachtopia Ergo bag silhouette[/caption]

Visual Identity Through Logo Stings

Any new campaign, brand, or side arm needs a strong visual identity to help it stand apart from its parent company while still feeling familiar. We were excited to be able to let the portal to the deep creative realms open up to craft some of the coolest, original and unique logo stings we've ever made.
  Coachtopia is going to be a living and breathing eco-system in the fashion industry and so variety is the antidote to the chaos of keeping things fresh as it develops. As such, we explored many different styles and visual indents to come up with a really eccentric mixed bag of tricks. We ended up creating 21 different logo stings to present to the team, six of which will be used moving forward as official Coachtopia idents.

How-To: NFC Chip Animation

To finish off the current Coachtopia collaborations and to tie everything together for our story so far, we also created a cute hand-drawn animation clip that explains how to use the NFC chip technology that is included with all Coachtopia products. Coachtopia - NFC Stills Our animated film helps instruct the viewer on the unique concept of being able to track the full history of a fashion item. Every Coachtopia item will contain an NFC chip that acts as a digital passport. When someone buys the item they can scan it with their phone and open up the app and connect the product to their account. If they sell the bag they can relinquish ownership and pass it on to someone else. It will also track all care, repair and upkeep that has been done to the item. It's a beautiful way to build a more sustainable fashion community and will give consumers a unique, new way to interact with the products they buy.

A Living and Breathing Campaign

As each Coachtopia product is made, its story begins. Our creative agency heavily relies on culture for inspiration, and sustainability efforts are one of the recent and fast-growing trends in our culture today and is something we also care greatly about. Sustainability is taking over discussions and many brand's initiatives and is something we will be working more on in the future. [caption id="attachment_4334" align="aligncenter" width="1366"] Photo by: Adrian Nina - Portrait of Coachtopia designer Sabrina Lua[/caption] Circular fashion is just a small piece of the puzzle to help us minimize waste, reduce pollution that is associated with fashion production and it's untimely disposal. There is a lot of work to do and the direction Coach is taking such a legacy brand is truly inspirational and something that other fashion power houses should take notice of. We're really excited for our Coachtopia collaborations to further develop and live and breathe alongside our other creative work. Stay tuned as we drop more content for Coachtopia!

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Coachtopia: Logo Stings

Approved Coachtopia Logo Sting #1: Clouds Part Approved Coachtopia Logo Sting #2: Cloud Hop Approved Coachtopia Logo Sting #3: Our PlanetVersions provided with and without stars, with white stars, black stars all on transparent background. Approved Coachtopia Logo Sting #4: Simple WiggleVersions provided with white, black and rainbow logo on transparent background. Approved Coachtopia Logo Sting #5: Coachtopia World Start Approved Logo Sting #5: Coachtopia World End Coachtopia Logos: Cutting Room Floor The brief for this logo sting work was so unique that there was inevitably amazing stuff that was created that hit the cutting room floor. As we want to honor the work put into this by our amazing creative team, we have included the full presentation of all twenty one logo stings that were created that helped us find the amazing logo stings that were approved above.

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Coachtopia: NFC Chip Animation

NFC Chip Animation GalleryAll images below are taken from the animated film and were carefully hand drawn frame by frame by our animator.

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Nutrafol x Sephora: Product Range Launch

Nutrafol x Sephora: Nutraceutical Product FilmsDiscover the product films we created for each of the Nutrafol nutraceutical supplements that will be available for sale @ Sephora.Women'sWomen's VeganWomen's BalancePostpartumMen'sNutrafol x Sephora: Hair Care Product FilmsDiscover the product films we created for each of the Nutrafol hair care products that will be available for sale @ Sephora.Strand DefenderRoot PurifierStress RelieverHair SerumBuild-Up BlockerStill curious?We put together this blog article to give you a further look behind the curtains of this project. From storyboards through BTS imagery, our journal article will give the curious folks a deeper insight into this comprehensive creative collaboration.#2024 UpdateWe teamed up with Nutrafol once again to update a few of the original videos to develop a renewed visual experience and some minor updates to the products. With meticulous attention to detail, we captured the voiceovers in our creative studios, each nuance finely tuned with our Blue Bottle microphones to enrich the viewer's auditory journey. The update of Nutrafol's hair serum name presented a unique challenge, seamlessly integrating new voiceovers with the existing footage.

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Washington Commanders: Scary Season

A spooky Halloween clip for the Washington Commanders social media channels to build up hype for their game against the Indianapolis Colts.

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Coach: (Re)Loved – Remade Bear

A cozy, warm, and fuzzy film that is full of magic and offers an authentic look at the Coach (Re)Loved Remade Bear, made from repurposed products.

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Cartier: The Iconic Age

Produced, Directed, Creative Direction, Photography, Animation, Color, Edited, GFX, Motion

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Coachtopia: A Beta Community

Our very first work for Coachtopia was early in 2022 when we were asked to come in to Coach HQ to shoot Q&A sessions with some Gen Z consumers. At that time I don’t think the full idea of Coachtopia had been formed but the importance of these sessions helped to shape the very early moments of the Coachtopia brand. Fast forward to the summer of 2022 and we were asked to create a sizzle reel that would serve as an introduction to Coachtopia to help welcome and teach potential new community members about the brand and and this new circular approach to fashion.

Our sizzle reel introduction to Coachtopia was exciting to be a part of and hyped us up for the months of continued collaboration that would happen in the background. Utilizing a mixture of hand-drawn animations and user generated content we crafted a sizzle reel that Coachtopia used to help recruit Gen Z designers, activists and influencers to join the Beta Community and help shape the direction of Coachtopia as a brand. Our sizzle explains the basics of Coachtopia and how creating a circular fashion brand is essential to save our planet by providing a positive impact on the environment.

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