The Lowdown: Interview with Kele Okereke of Bloc Party
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As part of a continued look back into some of the AltSounds interview archives we stumbled upon this gem of an interview with Kele Okereke of Bloc Party about his solo EP “Candy Flip” that was conducted by the ever brilliant Greg Arthur back in 2014. Expect more from the archives this year as we start to showcase some of our favorite AltSounds interviews of yore. There’s no better form of inspiration than listening to other stalk about their craft. If you have 5 minutes read more about the fascinating character that is Kele Okereke. — Hi Kele. Hello. We recently reviewed “Candy Flip” which was great, and we did “Heartbreaker” at the end of last year. I’m not particularly a House music fan, but I really enjoyed them. Thank you. I’m more of an indie/rock n roll fan, so firstly‚ why the change in style? I’ve almost seen three different Kele’s: the Bloc Party Kele, the producer/DJ that you’re doing now, and the kind of in between phase of both where you realized your previous solo records. Well, I guess I don’t really see it as changing my style, I just see it as a continuation of my style. I’m […]

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AltSounds TV: Pilot feat. Corey Taylor of Slipknot
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So tonight, after delving through some old Mini DV tapes I ended up going down a rabbit hole of old AltSounds footage and realized that there isn’t a lot of it online. The one gem I did come across however, and that is worth 8+ minutes of everyone’s time is a pilot episode of AltSounds TV we created back in 2010 at Sonisphere, featuring Corey Taylor of Slipknot / Stone Sour. I had created this weird futuristic world through my art and I realized it could be a scene for the cutaway scenes for the pilot of the AltSounds TV show. Next, I met Canz Rickman and we started talking about the realities of making AltSounds a TV show that would be based out of Cardiff. He was gonna handle the filming of things. I was gonna handle the access to the festival, the venue, the band etc. After which we’d collaborate on the final cut. The one and only (thus far) AltSounds TV episode is above and I hope you all enjoy. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this back and remembering this moment in time and I’m inspired to chase the truth that I re-discovered through this film.

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Yoko Ono: The Lowdown – Sit down interview with Yoko
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Below is an interview we conducted at AltSounds in 2010 with Yoko Ono. Over the coming months, we will be posting some of our favorite pieces from the AltSounds days of yore for everyone’s enjoyment and so that they don’t get lost forever. This interview was conducted by @mitchunlimited and was initially published on January 10th 2010, seven years ago if you can believe that?! I also wrote the forward below all those years ago! — Yoko Ono needs no introduction. She has been making music for 40+ years, is an artist, a political activist and most famously of all (for me anyway) she was the love of the late John Lennon‘s life. Together the pair proved an unstoppable force, both making music together and in particular for their infamous efforts to promote World Peace. Her art, music, and activism was and is still WAY ahead of the crowd and the world would be a much better place today if people had just listened to what John and Yoko had to say way back when. In fact, the world could heed a lot by taking their advice even now. More recently Yoko, released a brand new album, “Between My Head […]

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Imagine Dragons – Believer (Make The Cut MUG5 Edit)
April 12, 2017 by riotwashere in Experiments 0 Comments

While this can’t be listed as work, we definitely think it is worthy of showcasing to the world as we poured our heart, soul and creativity into this the same we do client work. Not ones to regularly even bother with contests and competitions in general, the “Make The Cut” contest for Imagine Dragons, which closed for entries on April 8th seemed worthy of our time – particularly as legendary 80s action star Dolph Lundgren features in the footage! This serves as a great example of our current editing work and capabilities too because it is unfiltered and 100% our creation from an edit perspective. As such it showcases some cool techniques that may have been too out there for a client. Imagine this as one of our RIOT experiments films but utilizing the footage of an awesome Adobe x Imagine Dragons contest as our canvas. There was about 50-60 clips given that covered the music video shoot and then about 5 atmosphere videos and another 5 Adobe Stock videos. You were only allowed to use the footage that was included with the download package was one major stipulation. We did 98% of this video, the edit, color and post […]

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Redirect to a new page at the end of a Youtube video on a WordPress Installation

We promised ourselves that as and when we overcome hurdles that we would post these results here so that other people can save time and effort by utilizing our solutions. These tips and tricks are from all over the board, and across all the mediums in which we work. Today’s is coding, and is related to both javascript and the YouTube API. Essentially, the code below allows you to redirect a user to a new URL once a Youtube video has ended.  This involves two things. You have to first make sure your embeds are using the Youtube Javascript API as this is what allows you to set a listener which triggers a redirect at the end of a video. Secondly, this code below specifically relates to people using WordPress as their sites install. This code was created for our website <a href=””>AltSounds</a>, where we needed to use this trick to keep the music never-ending for our visitors. There are obviously items that are going to be different in your installs so you’re going to need to use some intuition with regards to how to get this working on your site but it’s a very good jumping off point. STEP […]

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Video of the Day: Ásgeir – Unbound
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“Unbound” by Ásgeir has been doing the rounds at Riot HQ for quite a few weeks now – giving it enough staying power for us to want to share with the rest of the world.  A glitchy, mellow and futuristic sounding song with absolutely stunning falsetto vocals that simply melt in your mouth, “Unbound” is the perfect level of eclectic weirdness that we adore. The beautifully shot and unique video deals in an unknown virtual reality world, where the subjects are able to express their deepest and darkest desires, through a futuristic virtual reality lens.  Throughout the film we watch multiple storylines intertwine, hooking us in right from the beginning until the last note rings out. We’ve been following Ásgeir and his work for many years – it just keeps getting better and better.  We advise everyone that loves this go back and check out more of Ásgeir’s work as it is sure to cleanse your musical palette. Click play and enjoy the magic.

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Song / Video of the Day: Wennink – Dissolve
February 18, 2017 by riotwashere in Music 0 Comments

“Dissolve” has been haunting me for a few weeks now.  Every time that sombre piano hits after the initial glitch, I find my mood instantly resets. I give sole focus to the song every single time.  I mean hell, “Dissolve” made me get on here and write this, that’s the power within it. It’s stunning, clever, thought provoking and pulls you into another dimension, where only you and the song exist for a moment. “Dissolve” makes me reflect on me and my day, rather than focusing on anyone else or even the song itself (and the intricacies contained within it) – it’s happy to just take me on a journey.  So my day huh? Today, I got the Santa Cruz blue hand with the mouth inside it tattooed on me and it looks rad, I worked all day (still am) and I’m currently waiting on the second burrito from Essex Taco in the Lower East Side on busy Friday night, within one hour, because it was that divine – I also just got called to check I actually wanted the second burrito!  It’s the first time Seamless and I have done express re-order and it’s dangerous. I was going to just put “Dissolve” up as […]

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RIOT Freebie | HD Videos of Sirhowy River, in Blackwood, Wales, UK
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We love creating content, and are usually out multiple times every week working on something new and awesome, capturing a plethora of content as we go. As such, we thought it might be cool to share some of this content, for free on our website as part of our journal so that other film makers can benefit from our work. I mean, c’mon now, who doesn’t love free stuff? Essentially we will provide downloadable content to anyone that wants it, that can be used royalty free within their projects in exchange for two things. One, is to provide what is requested via the link gating software below – this is going to change depending on each individual asset but doing whatever action it asks below is the first step. Secondly we ask that you please credit RIOT and link to both and also list our social handle @riotwashere. By downloading the content you are hereby agreeing to the above. This first installment showcases two clips of the lovely Sirhowy River in Blackwood, Wales, UK and was filmed on 26th December, 2016. There is a medium shot and then a close-up shot also. When you follow the links you will […]

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RIOT Experiments: In Looping, Sound, Color & Shapes
February 14, 2017 by riotwashere in Experiments, Featured 0 Comments

We have started to spend some days of the week just experimenting, with no pre-defined goal and with no final outcome.  Above is our first true version of this and is the culmination of a few months work all rolled in to one.  The visuals were put together over the course of a few months, however the theme of playing around with shape, shape movement, vivid colors and repetition remained constant. The music was the final piece of the puzzle, with Chris “MUG5” Maguire finishing this composition just a few days ago.  The audible creation ended up feeling like it would work well with these visuals and after spending a day then matching the visual movements to the music we end up with out first RIOT experiments film. We have placed the film in our journal as this was put together purely for fun and is not a commissioned or official RIOT production.  That said, it stills offers a look into some of the many sides to the RIOT personality and visual identity.

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Song / Video of the Day: “Half Below” by TEPR
October 12, 2016 by riotwashere in Film, Music 0 Comments

We’re always on the look out for a good track to work too. If you get the right song, where you just can’t help but jive with it, then you’re golden. You’re inspired, your ass is moving back and forth in the seat – you’re just generally far more happy with your current situation because of that song. Well “Half Below” by TEPR is our latest “song to work to” gem that we discovered and just can’t get enough of. We were so inspired in fact that we also put together some of our own imagery inspired by listening to the song on loop. We recommend you listen to the song a bunch of times before actually moving on to the video at all. Fall in love with the song first and the video gives you this awesome addition to something you weren’t sure could get better. The song version is 5:55 in length, whereas the video version is just a minuscule 2:14 – although it packs a massive punch in that short time with some fantastic inspiring visuals that are unique, well done and funny (our favorite being the skull kitting himself with his bones as if he is […]

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