Imagine Dragons – Believer (Make The Cut MUG5 Edit)

April 12, 2017 by riotwashere in Experiments 0 comments
Imagine Dragons – Believer (Make The Cut MUG5 Edit)

While this can’t be listed as work, we definitely think it is worthy of showcasing to the world as we poured our heart, soul and creativity into this the same we do client work. Not ones to regularly even bother with contests and competitions in general, the “Make The Cut” contest for Imagine Dragons, which closed for entries on April 8th seemed worthy of our time – particularly as legendary 80s action star Dolph Lundgren features in the footage!

This serves as a great example of our current editing work and capabilities too because it is unfiltered and 100% our creation from an edit perspective. As such it showcases some cool techniques that may have been too out there for a client. Imagine this as one of our RIOT creative agency experiments films but utilizing the footage of an awesome Adobe x Imagine Dragons contest as our canvas.

There was about 50-60 clips given that covered the music video shoot and then about 5 atmosphere videos and another 5 Adobe Stock videos. You were only allowed to use the footage that was included with the download package was one major stipulation. We did 98% of this video, the edit, color and post in Adobe Premiere kist to showcase our knowledge of the software. The only time we went to Adobe After Effects was to put the cool 80s cinema gleam behind the Imagine Dragons logo.

We really enjoyed working on this and are super stoked on it. You can watch the MUG5 edit of “Believer” by Imagine Dragons above. Enjoy!

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