Coach: Dinky Brand Film

Directing, Editing, Motion Graphics, Post, Color, Music

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Ray-Ban: 75 Years Brand Sizzle

Edited, Post, Color, FX, Music Supervision

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Coach: Brand Sizzle

Creative Direction, Editing, Motion Graphics, Post, Color

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Coach: Chinese Year of the Monkey Lunar Film
January 21, 2016 by riotwashere in Coach, Edited, OOH, Our-Creations 0 Comments

Second Unit Editing, Motion Graphics, Post, Color & Titles

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UM: 2015, A Year Of Momentous Achievement

Edited, Post, Designed, Creative, Color Motion Graphics, FX

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Coach: Holiday 2015 Campaign
December 15, 2015 by riotwashere in Coach, Color, Creative, Edited, FX, Motion, Social, Web 0 Comments

Editing, Post, Color, FX, Motion, Social, Creative, Web

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Coach: Single’s Day 2015

Motion Graphics, Post, Color, Second Unit Editing,

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