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October 26, 2015

Harper’s Bazaar | Introducing… Hannah Bronfman

Welcome to the elegantly sporty world of Hannah Bronfman, from nightlife DJ to fitness guru, we worked in collaboration with Harper’s Bazaar alongside our friends at RXM Creative to create this original film depicting a day in the life of the modern “it” girl. The interactive video, which launched today on Harper’s Bazaar allows viewers to click on any part of the video and shop for those particular items (hello, Versace!), which we must say is pretty freaking cool. The styling of the video is impeccable, with the same color schemes running through each outfit, all of which any smart woman would sell a kidney for!

We were responsible for the edit, motion graphics and post of the video. From some changing sunglasses on each punch, to every outfit and activity side scrolling, through a clock of Hannah Bronfman’s, this video is one of our favorites to date and is highly recommended!

CLIENT: Harper’s Bazaar
AGENCY: RXM Creative

Harper’s Bazaar | Introducing… Hannah Bronfman

Harper’s Bazaar | Introducing… Hannah Bronfman

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