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Our role(s): Creative Direction, Editing, FX, Motion, Color, Sound Mix

May 17, 2016

Farra Productions | Logo Sting

We have been doing business with our friends at Farra Productions for many years, yet this was our first foray into creating work for them directly. Farra Productions have been moving into more and more original programming creation and as such wanted our help to create a 5 second logo sting (ident) that could be used at the end of all the original programming they were creating.

We kept our sound very light, using FX only but offering enough that when it was seen or heard numerous times you would recognize it as a Farra Productions program. Our animation revolved around 3d grid styled particle waves that initially draw the logo on to the screen and then fill it with color. The result, which can be seen above is a clean and simple logo sting that clearly identifies the Farra Productions brand.

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