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November 2, 2014

Beeler | Self Titled EP: Branding & Creative Direction

On display here is our latest work with new pop artist Beeler. Born in 1997 in Southern California, BEELER has a unique sound that has been compared to pop acts like Metric and Banks. For her debut, self titled EP Beeler drew musical inspiration from artists like Depeche Mode, Lorde, and Sara Jackson-Holman, creating the dreamy electronica/pop sound heard throughout the EP.

At a young age BEELER started to express her feelings on paper, being influenced by the lyrics of major artists such as Marina and the Diamonds, Gotye, and Lily Allen. Soon after, she began training professionally with a vocal coach and started performing in recitals, school events, and talent conventions. After spending years growing her skills as a songwriter and performer, BEELER cowrote and released her first self-titled EP.

We were tasked with creating a brand for Beeler based around her sound based around the amazing photography of Matt Beard. Semi fantasy in its intent the final artwork really visualizes how Beeler sounds as an artist, bold with color and personality we highly recommend checking out the debut Beeler EP. We also put together two custom pieces of art for Beeler, one cool weird, trippy, dreamy piece and then a second super over saturated one too which makes the colors pop so much it looks like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

We also created a custom social networking image package and website for Beeler.

Beeler | Branding & Creative Direction: Logo Design

Produced by: Jeff Pardo (Anthem Lights, Lady Antebellum, Andrew Ripp)
Beeler Photography by: Matt Beard
Creative & Art Direction: Chris MUG5 Maguire

Beeler - Self Titled EP CD Jacket Front

Beeler - Self Titled EP CD

Beeler - Self Titled EP CD Jacket Back

Beeler | Branding & Creative Direction

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