1 on 1 TV: Branding

For our continued work with entertainment giants One One 7, we were asked to brand their newest internet TV channel venture –  1 on 1 TV –  whose primary role is to focus on more “one on one” type interviews as opposed to the current lifestyle segments and features covered on their highly successful One One 7 TV destination.  This branding was bi-fold in that it needed to be branded both in motion and for static resources.

1 on 1 TV: Static and Motion Graphics Branding

Casually enjoying 1 on 1 TV on an iPad mini.

Our first task was to create the new branding for 1 on 1 TV in terms of logo, vibe and color palette.  This branding had to represent the intent of the channel while staying true to the existing branding of both One One 7 TV and parent company One One 7.  The result is a logo that incorporates the idea of the channels purpose through the use of a speech bubble in the “o” and a TV icon very similar to that of the One One 7 TV one as a hat-tip to it’s sister channel.

1 on 1 TV: Static and Motion Graphics Branding

1 on 1 TV logo design utilizing the same color palette as sister channel One One 7 TV

1 on 1 TV also needed a simple motion graphics package consisting of a logo sting, lower third and logo bug.  The result is a modern, crisp, cinematic and edgy, exciting feeling logo sting that entices viewers about what’s to come (streaming at the top of the page). We also worked on the musical soundtrack, incorporating epic, cinematic vibes coupled with glitchy, cosmic sound effects.  The lower third and logo bug compliment this making for a beautifully modern branding overall.

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